Freshman Grants

Who may apply for a TBF Freshman Grant?
The TBF Freshman Grant program is specifically for those who will be entering college for the first time as freshmen and who can demonstrate significant financial need. It is primarily a needs-based grant. However, basic academic achievement is required. See the Application for TBF Freshman Grant for more information.

Are TBF Freshman Grants available to all students?
No. TBF Freshman Grants are available ONLY to entering freshmen who demonstrate the need for financial assistance to be able to go to college. The TBF scholarship program welcomes applications from college sophomores, juniors and seniors (but not from freshmen). TBF Scholarships are primarily merit-based although other factors may be considered by the awards committee of the foundation's board of trustees.

What if I don't plan to be a full-time student?
TBF Freshman Grants are available only to those who will be full-time students ("full-time" as defined by the college or university the student will attend).

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