Winter 2008, Vol.12, Number 1
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by H. Garrison (Gary) Coltharp

Because the numbers of scholarship applicants is increasing much more rapidly and the number of dollars available to award as scholarships, the foundation’s scholarship committee has made significant modifications to the foundation’s scholarship program. These changes are effective now and will affect those who apply for educational assistance beginning with the 2008-2009 academic year. The major change involves the creation of a new TBF Educational Grant Program and modification of the existing Scholarship Program. TBF Educational Grant Program This program is available only to first-time incoming college freshmen. By design the TBF Educational Grant Program is need-based. Grants will be awarded to those student applicants who demonstrate significant and extraordinary financial need that makes attending college difficult to impossible without assistance. To qualify for consideration the applicant must demonstrate his or her family by submitting copies of his or her IRS Form W-2 and his or her parents’ IRS Form W-2 for the previous year. While grants are primarily need-based, minimum academic standards also apply. To qualify the applicant must submit his or her high school transcript that demonstrates a minimum 2.0 GPA and a copy of his or her ACT (minimum score 18) and/or SAT (minimum score 860). Scholarship Program This program is available to college sophomores (who have earned a minimum of 24 college semester hours and a minimum GPA of 2.3), juniors (minimum GPA 2.5) and seniors (minimum GPA 2.5), students attending of the six Southern Baptist seminaries in preparation for ministry (minimum GPA 2.5), and to students in medical, dental, pharmacy and nursing schools. The Scholarship Program is primarily merit-based. Therefore, each applicant must submit a transcript of grades through and including the spring semester of the year application is made. Although the Scholarship Program is primarily merit-based, each applicant is required to provide basic financial information that may be used by the committee in its evaluation. Separate Application Processes Applications for TBF Educational Grants are currently posted on this website. The deadline for Educational Grant applications is April 15, 2008. Applications for the Scholarship Program are currently posted on this website. Scholarship applications have a deadline of June 13, 2008. The Scholarship Committee’s Commitment A number of generous Tennessee Baptists have provided the funds from which educational assistance is made possible. The scholarship committee is committed to doing all within its power to honor the legacies of those donors by providing grants that make a difference in the lives of those who receive them and scholarships that reward the most conscientious and worthy Tennessee Baptist students.

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