Special Project Grants

Guidelines for Special Project Grants:

  1. Projects to be assisted are those that are:

  2. Related to the work of a Tennessee Baptist entity
  3. Related to a US or international body that is in partnership with Tennessee Baptists
  4. Being initiated rather than ongoing
  5. Unique, or may need a little help to be successful.

Many other projects or ministries are worthy and should be supported by other means but would not be eligible for grants from these funds.

Other agencies of the SBC and the TBC are funded through the annual budget approved by the Southern Baptist Convention in session or the Tennessee Baptist Convention in session.  It is not a part of the Tennessee Baptist Foundation’s ministry to add funds to those budgets.

The Tennessee Baptist Foundation staff will screen all requests for funds to see that they fit these guidelines and then, submit to the Tennessee Baptist Foundation Executive Committee for approval or denial, only those requests that the staff deems to have met the guidelines.

The Executive Committee will report to the full Board the actions of the Executive Committee related to expenditure of these funds.

Approved by the Executive Committee December 7, 2001

You may use our FILLIN form online here TBF Grant Application Form  (Adobe Acrobat reader required) 


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