Educational Scholarships

Because of the generous stewardship of a number of Tennessee Baptists across the years the Foundation is able to offer educational grants (incoming freshmen only) and scholarships (sophomores and above) to a variety of deserving Tennessee Baptist young people each year.  The funds used to provide grants to some freshman and scholarships for sophomores, juniors and seniors along with seminary students have come to the Foundation as bequests and outright gifts from Tennessee Baptists who decided to make a positive difference in the lives of deserving Tennessee Baptist students.  Each donor has expressed confidence in the value of higher education, and particularly higher Christian education.  Some of the funds are restricted to provide assistance to students who are in certain fields of study.  Other funds are left to the discretion of the Foundation.

All grants and scholarships awarded on an annual basis.  Therefore, students must apply every year.  Generally, TBF Freshman Grants are available only to incoming freshmen and are awarded based primarily on financial need. TBF scholarships are limited to full-time students enrolled as sophomores, juniors and seniors (freshmen are not eligible for TBF scholarship assistance) in undergraduate college programs of study and are awarded based primarily on merit.  Further, because of stipulations placed upon many of the scholarship funds by their donors, the majority of scholarship funds are designated for students attending one of the Tennessee Baptist colleges/universities.  However, a significant number of scholarships are awarded to students attending state and other institutions.

Scholarships for seminary students are limited to master's level programs in the six Southern Baptist theological seminaries.  Other post graduate study scholarships are limited to students who are attending medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy schools.

Applications for Grants or Scholarships must be postmarked by April 30 each year OR delivered to the Tennessee Baptist Foundation office no later than 4:30 P.M. (CST) on April 30.

Please review the TBF Freshman Grant and TBF Scholarship FAQs, guidelines and downloadable application for further information.  


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